Ordinary Glory


I love a good story. The journey, the struggle, the triumph. I'll contentedly skim through hundreds of bland pages and a long-winded preamble to get to the good stuff. It's the catch of breath and the quickened pulse as potential is finally realized, paths intersect, and victory is achieved. Success, resolution, love requited. I'm a sucker for the underdog who eventually scores - aren't we all? I'll wade through the fog and the fight, but my eyes are on the finale. I want to go there

When I get to know you, I'll probably quickly start sniffing for your personal storyline. Where are you from? Who are your people? What did you once believe and how as that changed? Where are you going? I want to know what I'm cheering you towards

My eyes are usually fixed in the horizon. I'm looking for signs of where God is leading us. I'm fumbling through plans for the future. I want to know the next big thing, the best new idea. I'm anxious for our next season - when this busyness is finally over, when my kid is through school, when I feel more capable in that area. I lean forward by default. Overcome, move on, build. Next.

I've just made my way through Emily Freeman's book Simply Tuesday, and it's echoing between my mind and heart. It's a call to breathe, to get small, to find contentment in the incredibly ordinary and easily-hurried-through Tuesday. The everyday. I haven't underlined a book so heavily in years and Emily's words keep speaking to me. I'm challenged and intrigued. I'm lingering here, and that's new. The craving for significance, influence, growth, more, can trick me so easily into overlooking the glory that's right here.  The holy ground that is today, in the home that's ours now. 

Jesus came down. He turns toward. He makes his face to shine upon. He shows compassion. He sits with. His with-ness is so important that every time we say his name, we declare it - Immanuel, God with us. - Emily P. Freeman, Simply Tuesday 
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