20 Years & A Love Letter

I knew I was going to marry you right at the very beginning. My heart jumped right in there, and the rest of me followed as it does. Heart before head. But we're decades in now, baby, and time has proven it was a solid decision. You're the best part of me.

 October 1, 1994

October 1, 1994

I've shared your name for twenty years. How we've grown together, and the places we've journeyed through. Days of pure joy and days of bitter, heart-bruising pain and so many days that looked exactly like the one before. One foot in front of the other, marching on. I'm so grateful you've been beside me. 

That first October 1st, when we met at the front of the church and I wore white and your face was white - remember that? You were so tall and handsome in your tux, looking as though you might just fall over. Remember how you reached for my hand in prayer but my eyes were closed so I left you hanging - and we laughed about it over and over again? (I probably laughed more than you did. Sorry.) 

We had no idea then how these years would unfurl and how often we go back to revisit that first love - the commitment that we declared in front of a sanctuary packed with all of our people and the entire church family. And then some. All those people - but I was only looking at you.

You've been faithful, loyal, strong. And I have leaned on you, hard. Thank you for holding me like the steadiest of anchors. You help me find my footing when I feel lost, and you push me when I fall behind. I have never once doubted you, and I know what a gift that is. You just always believe in me. When I try to hide, you come looking for me. You cheer me on and tell me the truth and keep me standing straight. 

And oh, those children of ours and how you love them. They bring you so much joy - I know it, because it's a craziness we share. The devotion you have to Madi and Miller makes my heart hurt. They are blessed humans because they have you for a dad.

I see you and the sacrifices you make and how you surrender, to serve us. I know how you shove your pride and that strong will of yours aside to serve God's House. I see it, and I see Jesus in you. And I honour you, husband of mine.

Let's plan on another 20, shall we? Let's do it again.